Project Brief

1 General idea of your website and company information

2 Have you got any examples of websites you like or have the same functionality?

3 Have you got any design examples? If you have your theme, please show it to us.

4 How many languages are going to be on your site? Describe them.

5 Is there any news block or often changhing information?

6 Do you want any animations or Flash type functionality?

7 Do you need a newsletter system integration?

8 Will users be able to register in your website?

9 Do you need any integration with other systems? If yes, describe them their integration with the shop and purpose.

10 Do you need additional live training? If yes, how many people should be trained to work with the website?

11 Do you need any other functionality that was not talked about?

12 Additional comments:

13 Deadline:

14 Your budget: