Project Brief

1 What products do you sell and what brands you represent?

2 Have you got any examples of eshops you like or have the same functionality?

3 Have you got any design examples? If you have your theme, please show it to us.

4 How many currencies are going to be on your site? Describe them.

5 How many languages are going to be on your site? Describe them.

6 Mark the functionality you need in your store:

7 Mark the blocks of PrestaShop you need in your store:
Advertisement on sidebar
Advertisement on other locations (not default)
Categories block
Manufacturers block
Specials block
Top sellers block
Cross Selling
Viewed products block
Cart block
CMS links blocks
Featured products block
Languages block (to switch them)
Currencies block (to switch them)
Newsletter block
Sending newsletter to customer
Tags block
Facebook on sidebar
Facebook Like button on products pages
Facebook product comments
Twitter on sidebar
PayPal module
MoneyBrookers Module
BankWire module
Google checkout
Google Checkout
Google Analytics for gathering statistics
Google SiteMap for generating sitemap
Google AdSense module
Search module
Vouchers functionality to give promotional codes and discounts, for example, ability for clients to input "SAVE10" and get 10% discount or so.
Watermarked images
Mail alerts (when new order is places etc.)
Physical shops block with addresses, images and other information
Viewed products block
Live chat plugin
Send to friend module
8 If you have any other blocks or modules in FrontOffice please describe them.

9 Do you want to separate users into different groups? If yes, describe why you need this and what are you going to do with different groups.

10 Do you need any loyalty logic integrated into the system? If yes, please describe how you would like to do this.

11 Do you need any referral logic integrated into the system? If yes, please describe how you would like to do this.

12 Will users be able to checkout without registration?

13 Will users be able to register to the shop?

14 Do you need any integration with other systems? If yes, describe them their integration with the shop and purpose.

15 Do you need additional live training? If yes, how many people should be trained to work with PrestaShop?

16 Do you need any other functionality that was not talked about?

17 Additional comments:

18 Deadline:

19 Your budget: